Vision & Mission



We want to change the dynamics in the chocolate industry. We strive to make healthy chocolate recipes to avoid being classified as an unhealthy snack but customize it with other healthy foods to ensure invalids and people who are cautious about their health appreciate our food industry presence.

We also want to reach the untapped market across the continent. We want to reach out to the world through new chocolate shops and franchise opportunities.


We want to be a one-stop-shop for all healthy chocolate products to suit all population. We want to do this through delicious and tasty chocolate recipes served in our shop to handle all your cravings.

The challenges

The most exciting and yet changeling thing you can do is to enter a virgin market. You have to understand the reason for the poor entry of a product and some of the cultural affiliations that come with it.

If not, you might end up closing shop within months. The market was virgin, yes, but people had no idea of this new beverage for the simple reason, they never grow it locally. They had a myth of things from the western continent had a hidden agenda.

That is something we had to deal with first before anything. We used case studies to show them that this is consumed in different continents, even the remoter ones.

Secondly, there was importation to deal with as we also look at the cost component. You can’t enter the market and have higher prices for your product. How then will you entice them to enjoy the chocolate drink?

The turning point

After we had dealt with the myth through marketing and community sensitization, we enjoyed the monopoly for as long as it lasts.

Our shop is still a brand despite many chocolate shops that came to enjoy the already sensitized market on chocolate matters.




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