Box Heart

One-Stop Chocolate Shop

Who We Are

We are a one-stop chocolate shop. We welcome you to a new world of chocolate edition. We want to demystify myths, quench your thirst, and handle all your cravings in chocolate delicacies.

The chocolate bar and beverages lovers all have a space in our restaurant. Whether you want a takeaway or you want to enjoy a chocolate date, then this is the place to be.

If we don’t have it at Box heart, then it hasn’t been released in the market.


Here is the chocolate list of our best sellers.

Choco Cream Shake

Dark Chocolate with Strawberry

Chocolate Mints

Chocolate Cookie Shakes

In-House Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Fudge

We have a variety of chocolate recipes, but we have to agree that some recipes overtake the others when it comes to sales. Our best sellers depend on the clientele. The young generation prefers pure chocolate bars. The middle-aged population prefers chocolate with nuts while the older generation is looking for something with a touch of chocolate in a smaller percentage.

Our Story

You should be wondering how we have managed to become the best chocolate shop on the continent.

Nothing comes easy. Like any other business, we go through ups and downs, and Box Heart isn’t an exception.

The founders of this shop are friends who one day went out for a chocolate date. Little did they know that the area they visited had little knowledge about different delicacies in the chocolate industry?

The disappointment was an eye-opener on the gap that exists in the chocolate industry. Did you know that that was the first place we set up the shop, and that is where everything was set and managed to open many more branches in the area and beyond the country?

That is how our disappointment turned out to become an empire.

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3212 Lake Floyd Circle
New Castle, DE 19720